We are pleased to invite one patrol of up to 8 Scouts, either mixed boys and girls or all boys, and 2 adults from any WOSM member country outside the United States and Canada to participate in the July 24 to 31, 2016, Michigan International Camporee and the preceding week of home hospitality with no camp fee.  Additional adults who would like to travel with the contingent may apply to be members of the Michigan International Camporee staff (IST) at a staff fee of US $125. (Fee schedule subject to final approval of MIC Executive Committee)  All participants must be registered members of WOSM Scout units. All youth participants must be at least 12 years old or at least 11½ years old and have completed the sixth grade in school, but not yet 18 years old as of July 24, 2016. Each contingent will be responsible for their own transportation to and from Michigan, for some admissions costs during home stay week, and for bringing their own personal camping equipment.  Thre is no fee for the camp itself, including program, food and the use of tents and cooking equipment, for one patrol of up to 8 Scouts and 2 leaders per  international contingent. A contingent that had at least one full patrol of 8 Scouts and 2 leaders participate in MIC 2008 or MIC 2012 can apply to send a second patrol of up to 8 Scouts and 2 leaders, but there will be a U.S. $125 fee for each Scout and leader in the second patrol.  So that we can have the maximum number of countries represented at MIC 2016, we limit each country to one contingent. If there is a contingent from your country already registered, then your country’s space is taken. 

Follow this link to a printable letter inviting WOSM-affiliated National Scout Organizations to send a contingent to MIC 2016.


Follow this link to a poster showing the flags of countries that participated in past MICs and the years they participated.


ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DATES - International contingents will be expected to arrive in Michigan some time during the weekend of July 16-17, 2016, and to depart from Michigan on late Sunday, July 31, or Monday, August 1, 2016. Most international contingents will fly to and from Detroit Metro Airport (http://www.metroairport.com/). If an international contingent flies to a North American airport outside of Michigan, it is that contingent’s responsibility to pay their own transportation cost between that airport and Michigan.  Some contingents find that the international airfare is enough lower to O'Hare Airport in Chicago that they save money by flyng there and taking an Amtrak train (www.amtrak.com) between Chicago and a Michigan train station.

VISITING OTHER PARTS OF NORTH AMERICA - If an international contingent would like to plan a visit to another part of North America before July 16-17 or after July 31, we can help the contingent leaders make Scouting connections in other parts of the U.S. and in Canada.  Contingents can either add an extra stop or two to their international flight itinerary or take an international airline to and from the U.S. or Canada and then use a different airline or train or bus for travel within North America.   Airports in Flint, Michigan (http://www.bishopairport.org/), Grand Rapids, Michigan (http://www.grr.org/) and Lansing, Michigan, (http://www.flylansing.com) sometimes offer low cost flights to and from other parts of the United States. If contingents plan to fly to and from O’Hare Airport in Chicago, we can help you try to find a troop there to host you for a few days before July 15 or after July 31, and Amtrak (www.amtrak.com) offers relatively low-cost train service between Chicago and Michigan train stations. Some contingents fly to and from Toronto, Canada, and visit Toronto and Niagara Falls on their way to or from Michigan.  Contingents considering this should check this page on the Canadian government web site to find out whether Canada requires visas for citizens of your country.  All costs of travel in other parts of North America and of transportation between other parts of North America and Michigan are the responsibility of the international contingents. 

HOME HOSPITALITY WEEK - The week before the Michigan International Camporee is home hospitality week.  Each international contingent will be assigned to a local host troop.  Each host troop will meet their international guests when they arrive in Michigan, some time during the weekend of July 16-17.  During the home hospitality week, international contingent members will stay in the homes of host troop Scouts.  Most home hospitality week activities will be local activities planned by the host troops. However, all the host units and international guests will gather at Lake Lansing Park one day during home stay week and there will be other group activities. As is stated on the home page," each contingent will be responsible for some admissions costs during home stay week, personal expenses during their stay, and the cost of obtaining a U.S. visa if one is required."  On Sunday, July 24, each host troop will transport their international contingent to Northwoods Scout Reservation.  The host Scouts and their guest Scouts will share a campsite at the Michigan International Camporee.  After the camporee, host troops will take international guests back to their homes and then to their departure point.

USA VISA REQUIREMENTS - Members of MIC 2016 contingents with passports from countries other than Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, will need to obtain U.S. visas to enter the U.S. and participate in MIC 2016.  Paying the U.S. visa application fee, currently US $160, and obtaining a U.S. visa is the responsibility of each contingent member.  The Michigan International Camporee will send each contingent leader from a non-visa-waiver country a letter to submit with their contingent's visa applications listing the names, birthdates, and passport numbers of contingent members, stating that the purpose of their visit to the U.S. is stay in the homes of Michigan Scout families and participate in the Michigan International Camporee, that the contingent’s participation in the Michigan International Camporee will enrich U.S. Scouts and leaders, and that we endorse the visa applications.  Unfortunately, in some situations, that might not be enough to gain approval of the visa applications. Even with our support, members of several contingents from countries in the Africa Region of WOSM who were planning to participate in MIC 2012 had their U.S. visa applications turned down. In such situations, there is nothing we can do.  Because of the pairing of each international contingent with a Michigan Crossroads Council host troop or crew, it is very important that we not have international contingents discover at the last minute that they are unable to come because they were not granted U.S. visas.  For that reason, we require that all proposed MIC 2016 contingent from countries where MIC 2012 contingent members were unable to attend because their U.S. visa applications were turned down complete all their U.S. visa interviews by January 1, 2016.

MIC POLICIES AND RULES - All Scouts and leaders in MCC 2016 international contingents will be expected to read, understand, and agree to follow MIC 2016 POLICIES AND RULES on Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Pets, Visitors, Youth Protection, and Health and Accident Insurance. 

CONTINGENT LEADERSHIP - The International Contingent Application asks for the name and contact information for the contingent leader and one additional adult.  If a National Scout Organization definitely plans to send a contingent to MIC 2016 and the contingent leader has not yet been selected, the information on the International Commissioner or some other leader of the NSO should be entered in that space with the information on the contingent leader provided after that person is selected. 

SUBMIT AN ONLINE INTERNATIONAL CONTINGENT APPLICATION - If you would like to apply to form a contingent to represent your country at the 2016 Michigan International Camporee, please follow this link to complete and submit the International Contingent Application  We will correspond by email with you and confirm your contingent’s qualifications.  We will then send the information we receive from you to the International Department of the Boy Scouts of America.  They will contact your country's WOSM International Commissioner to confirm your Scout association's approval of your contingent and its leaders to represent your country at our camporee.