Scouts, Venturers, leaders, and families in MIC 2016 host troops, crews, and communities will have an incredible two week international Scouting experience that is not available anywhere else in North America, having fun, making friends, and sharing cultures with Scouts from all around the world. 

There will be contingents of Scouts and leaders from Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Curacao, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uganda.  That is more countries than participated in the last BSA National Jamboree!

Each MIC 2016 campsite will be assigned to a hosting team made up of contingent(s) from one or more Michigan Crossroads Council Boy Scout troops and/or Venturing crews.

The hosting team is responsible for recruiting 16 youth participants and 2 to 4 adult leaders for that campsite.

  • All youth participants must be at least 12 years old or at least 11½ years old and have completed the sixth grade in school by July 24, 2016. Boy Scouts must be at least First Class by that date. Venturers must have similar camping experience. 11 and 12 year olds must be endorsed by adult leaders who will participate in MIC.  All youth participants must be under 18 as of July 24, 2016, or be high school students during the 2015-2016 school year who will be 18 at the time of MIC
  • If one troop or crew expects to have 16 youth and 2-4 adult leaders participate in MIC 2016, they will be the hosting team for their campsite.      
  • If a troop or crew expects to have less than 16 youth participate, they are encouraged to find one or more neighboring troops or crews to join them in forming a hosting team.
  • Hosting teams can also accept Scouts and Venturers from troops or crews that are not participating in MIC 2016 to fill their 16 youth spaces.       (A Scout or Venturer who wants to participate in MIC 2016 and is a member of a unit that is not participating should work with his/her unit leaders to find an MIC 2016 hosting team that has space.)
  • If a troop or crew expects to be able to recruit 8 youth and 2 adult leaders and cannot find another troop/crew to join them to form a hosting team, the MIC 2016 committee can assist. However, it will work out better if you find a troop or crew that you know will be compatible with your group. Each campsite troop will have a maximum of 4 adult leaders from the hosting team.
  • Other adults are welcome to apply for positions on the MIC 2016 staff.      

Each hosting team will be assigned an international group of 16 youth and 4 adult leaders, either one large contingent or several small contingents. The hosting team will be responsible for hosting those international Scouts and leaders in the homes of Scouts/Venturers and leaders of their unit(s) during the hosting week of July 16 to July 24, bringing their international guests to scheduled group activities during that week, and transporting their international guest to and from Northwoods for MIC 2016. Host families do not need to be families of Scouts and Venturers who are participating in MIC. They can be families in packs, troops, and crews in your community or district or families that are members of chartered partners

At MIC 2016, the 16 youth participants and 2-4 adult leaders from the hosting team will camp in the same campsite with the international group(s) that they host during home hospitality week. Each campsite will also contain a group of 8 Scouts/Venturers and two leaders from some other state or some province of Canada, so there will be a total of 40 youth and 8-10 adults in each campsite. The hosting team will be expected to supply the campsite with tents for the Scouts/Venturers and unit leaders from their troop or crew and the international contingent(s) they are hosting, canopies, patrol boxes, cooking equipment, wash basins for dish washing, propane stoves and tanks, and other group equipment. One of the hosting team adults will serve as campsite Scoutmaster.

MIC 2016 FEES: The MIC 2016 fee for United States and Canadian Scouts and Venturers is $300.  The fee for U.S. and Canadian campsite troop leaders and camporee staff members is $125. 


Week 1 - July 15/17 to 24, 2016 - International contingents of Scouts and leaders will stay in the homes of Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, and adult volunteers in the community or district.  Some of that week will be spent in activities that all MIC host units and international contingents participate in, some of it will be spent in activities planned by the community or district, and some of it will involve giving international Scouts and leaders an opportunity to experience life in the U.S., playing games, visiting shopping centers, and participating in family activities. 

Week 2 - July 24 to 31, 2016 - Contingents from MIC 2016 host troops, crews, communities, and districts, the international contingents they host, and patrols from other states and provinces of Canada will camp together at Northwoods in a miniature World Jamboree participating in fun swimming, boating, fishing, raft building, shooting sports, handicraft, initiative games, team games, and similar activities, some run by staff from other countries, sharing cultures, and getting to know each other. There will be no badge work.

If your troop or crew would like to form or be part of an MIC 2016 hosting team, your first step is to complete the HOSTING UNIT APPLICATION FORM and submit it electronically. Applications from troops and companies that participated in MIC 2012 will have priority for a space at MIC 2016 if received before January 1, 2015. We will then fill the rest of the hosting team spaces. Any spaces left after January 1, 2015 will be filled on a first come first served basis.

After approving your application form, we will reply confirming that there is a space available for your contingent and that we will hold that space for one month while you complete the next step of the registration process which is submitting a deposit of U.S. $25 per youth participant for a total of U.S. $200 for an 8 Scout/Venturer contingent or $400 for a 16 Scout/Venturer contingent by credit or debit card to Michigan Crossroads Council BSA For us to continue to hold your unit’s space, we must receive your deposit within one month after you receive our confirmation message. . Deposits are not refundable and are transferable only to a unit that replaces your unit as a hosting unit.