25 Years Creating International Scouting Friendships

The next two week Michigan International Camporee experience will be held in July 2022, with hosting week for international contingents in Michigan host unit communities from Monday, July 17, to Saturday, July 23, and the week in camp from Saturday, July 23, to Sunday July 31, at Trout Lake Subcamp of D-Bar-A Scout Ranch, 880 East Sutton Road, Metamora, Michigan. . 

Link here for a map showing the location of D-Bar-A and how to get there.

According to google maps, D-Bar-A Scout Ranch is a 12 minute drive from the Lapeer, Michigan, Amtrak train station, which has a morning train to Chicago and a late afternoon/evening train from Chicago every day, a 30 minute drive from Flint, Michigan's Bishop International Airport, a 47 minute drive from the Blue Water Bridge that connects Port Huron, Michigan, and Sarnia, Ontario, and a 1 hoir 22 minute drive from Detroit Metro Airport. 

Link here for a map of the camp.

D-Bar-A has two major subcamps, Jack Lord Subcamp on the east (right on the camp map) side of the camp and Trout Lake Subcamp on the west (left on the camp map) side of the camp.  During the summer, Scout resident camp, Cub resident camp, and Webelos resident camp are all held in Jack Lord Subcamp.  The summer Jack Lord schedule begins with Scout resident camp weeks.  They are followed by weeks with Cub resident camp from Sunday to Tuesday and Webelos resident camp from Wednesday to Saturday.  All meals are cooked at the Wyckoff Lodge near the top of the map and delivered to James Hay Pavillion where resident camp participants and staff eat their meals.  James Hay Pavilion is on the right side of the map just south of the gray square with a B in it   The MIC 2022 week in camp will be at Trout Lake Subcamp at the same time that there will be Cub resident camp and then Webelos resident camp at Jack Lord Subcamp. This will be the first time that there has ever been another Scout activity going on at the same Scout camp as MIC during MIC week, but the MIC 2022 planning team thinks it is doable.  Each of the 12 MIC 2022 campsites will contain a cabin with a kitchen that includes a sink, refrigerator/freezer, and oven/stove.  Cooking and cleanup for campsite troop meals will be easier and faster with these facilities.  MIC staff members will be housed further away from MIC troop campsites than at Northwoods and will be transported to and from the Wyckoff Dining Hall for most of their meals


Planning for MIC 2022 is in full swing.  To learn more or to help in planning click here.


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 The most recent Michigan International Camporee took place in the summer of 2016 with 25 countries represented.  To see photos and videos of MIC 2016 and download the MIC 2016 Looney Times daily newspapers, link at "MIC 2016 ."