Hosting at the 2020 Michigan International Camporee 


We hosted in 2016, it was AMAZING! We got to learn about another culture and how they live, things they do, etc. We got to show them some of the sites of interest around us. We built new friendships. This was a big win not just for our scout, but for our entire family. I would LOVE to host again and look forward to hosting in 2020!!!!!       Coreen Williams


My wife and I hosted two International Scout Staff members in 2012. Yonas Haile is from Ethiopia and Grace Kaigai is from Kenya.  It was a real priviledge to get to know them.  They both give so much to make the world a better place. We still keep in contact.  We hope to someday to visit Kenya and see the village school that Grace supports.  Paul and Bonnie Davis


Hosting is the heart of the Michigan International Camporee.   Hosts share our culture and our guests share theirs.  It is hard to describe the deep bonding that takes place to those unfamilar with the Michigan International Camporee. It is much more than a pen pal type experience.  It begins when the International Scouts arrive by plane, train or bus.  We welcome them and provide a place for them to stay.  Michigan Troops/Crews open their homes to International Troops/Crews for the hosting week and then camp together for the week of camp.  Host Units take responsibility for finding host parents from their Troop/Crew or Community.   Every effort is made to place Internationanl Scouts in homes where there are similar age/sex American youth.  During the hosting week Host families often take their International guests to local museums, lakes or parks. The American Troop/Crew may also organize several events where all the International Scouts and American Host families come together for a picnic or group event.   After the homestay week the Host Troop/Crew camps at the Michigan International Camporee with the same International Scouts and Leaders they hosted in their homes.  

Friendships that develop often lead to American Units travelling to the countries of the International Scouts in years when the Michigan International Camporee is not held.  Internatioal adventures can become part of the Michigan International Camporee Host Unit's "Super Activity."

American Hosts are also needed to host over 100 Volunteer International Staff members expected to work at the 2020 Michigan International Camporee.  International Saff are older and the Michigan Host is not expected to attend camp with the International Staff member.  Hosting International Staff is a wonderful way for empty nesters to share in the MIchigan International Camporeee Experience.