2020 Michigan International Camporee - updated September 25, 2018

The next Michigan International Camporee will be held from Sunday afternoon, July 19, to Sunday morning, July 26, 2020, at Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation, 6278 Texas Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009.  For a map of Rota-kiwan, a map showing the location of Rota-Kiwan and photos of some of the facilities at Rota-Kiwan, link at Rota-KiwanFor detailed information on Rota-Kiwan and the reasons the Site Selection Committee felt Rota-Kiwan was the best choice, link at MIC 2020 Site Visit Checklist with Rota-Kiwan Comments

Home Stay Week for MIC 2020 international contingents with Michigan Scout families will be July 11/12 to July 19, 2020. 

MIC 2016 international contingent leaders from Canada, Curacao, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Libya, Mexico (Queretaro), Mexico (Tabasco), Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom (Cumbria), and United Kingdom (Essex) have already made commitments to return with contingents in 2020. 

MIC 2020 AND NOAC - The 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will be held at Michigan State University from Monday, August 3, to Monday, August 8, 2020.  Michigan State University is 83 miles from Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation, the site of the 2020 Michigan International Camporee.  We have been asked if it will be possible to participate in both NOAC and MIC.  The MIC 2020 departure date is Sunday, July 26, and NOAC will begin 8 days later on Monday, August 3, so there will be plenty of time for Michigan Crossroads Council youth and adults to participate in MIC 2020, go home to rest and clean clothes, and participate in NOAC.

THE MIC 2020 APPLICATION PROCESS - We expect online MIC 2020 applications for host units, out-of-state patrols, Canadian patrols, international contingents, USA staff and international staff to open in the summer of 2018.  To be notified when that happens, scroll down below to the section Become part of a 2020 Michigan International Camporee email list and complete and submit the appropriate form.

INCLUSION OF GIRLS IN MIC 2020 HOST UNITS AND OUT-OF-STATE PATROLS - MIC has always been a coed event, and Venturing girls have always been encouraged to participate. A new BSA program for Scout age girls will be available on February 1, 2019, in time for girls in second year Webelos dens to cross over.  Troops that make the commitment to be host units for MIC 2020 are encouraged to invite girls and adult leaders registered in this new BSA program to join them in hosting international contingents during MIC 2020 home stay week and to become part of their MIC 2020 campsite troops.  Troops that will send out-of-state patrols to MIC 2020 are encouraged to invite girls and adult leaders registered in this new program to be part of their MIC 2020 patrols.  MIC 2020 will be an exciting opportunity for girls in this new BSA program!

MIC 2020 PROMOTION/RECRUITING MATERIALS - Follow the links to open .pdf files.

MIC 2020 Flyer with Flags - Use in display.

MIC 2020 Staff Information- for potential staff members - Print back-to-back and use as a handout. - updated May 16, 2018


To receive email messages about other dates and locations where you can learn more about being part of the 2020 Michigan International Camporee, submit your information below.

Qualifications to Participate in the 2020 Michigan International Camporee

1. All participants, youth and adults, must be registered members of a National Scout Association that is affiliated with the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).  In the United States, that is the Boy Scouts of America.  In Canada, that is Scouts Canada or Association Des Scouts du Canada.

2. All youth participants must be members of contingents of youth and adults.  Individual youth participants will not be accepted.

3. All youth participants must be at least 12 years old or at least 11½ years old and have completed the sixth grade in school by July 19, 2020. U.S. Scouts must be at least First Class by that date. Other participants must have similar camping experience. 11 and 12 year olds must be endorsed by adult leaders who will participate in the MIC 2020. All youth participants must be under 18 years of age as of July 19, 2020. (Exception - U.S. Scouts and Venturers who are high school seniors during the 2019-2020 school year and turn 18 during that school year may be youth participants.)

4. All staff members must be at least 18 year old on July 19, 2020.  (Exception  - U.S. Scouts and Venturers who are at least 16 years old on July 19, 2020, and have specialized skills in areas such as waterfront and shooting sports may apply to serve on the MIC 2020 staff.)

Become part of a 2020 Michigan International Camporee

Applications are now being accepted for the all volunteer 2020 Michigan International Camporee Staff.  There are separate applications for US Citizens and for International Citizens.  There are roles for US Citizens at camp and for those who cannot commit to spending the week at Camp but who would still like to be a part of the Camporee.  We soon will be accepting contingent applicaitons, but until that time, if you would like to be on our email list please follow the appropriate link below.


Proposed MIC 2020 Banners and Logos

Proposed 2020 Michigan International Camporee Banner

 2020 MIC Rota Kiwan Banner

Proposed 2020 Michigan International Camporee Color Logos

2020 LOGO Purple Light 12clr b0

2020 LOGO 12clr Purple Dark e0

Proposed 2020 Michigan International Camporee Black and White Logo

2020 MIC Rota Kiwan BW Logo