In these guidelines, “staff” means both BSA staff and staff (IST) from Scout associations in other countries, and MIC is used as an abbreviation for Michigan International Camporee.

1.   All adults involved in an MIC serve in staff positions. There are no adult "participants." All staff members have specific staff responsibilities that they are expected to fulfill. There will be some free time scheduled for every staff member. However, staff responsibilities will sometimes prevent staff members from being at camporee events and activities they would like to attend.

2.   MIC program activities are for participants. There will be very few opportunities for staff members to participate in camporee program activities.

3.   All MIC staff members are expected to have the willingness and ability to adapt to changing and unexpected situations and to work with participants whose primary language is not English.

4.   While at MIC 2020, all staff members must wear either official uniform shirts of their Scout association or MIC T shirts or polo shirts. The only exceptions are swimwear at the waterfront and work clothes worn by the ranger’s crew. Official uniform shorts or pants are encouraged. Full official field uniforms will be required at specified occasions.

5.   All MIC staff members will be aware of the rules, policies, and laws established for this event by the BSA, the state of Michigan, the Michigan Crossroads Council, and MIC including those relating to smoking, alcohol, drugs, and youth protection, will obey them, and will support and help enforce them.

6.   All MIC curfews and quiet time rules apply to staff members as well as participants. Except when on duty, staff members must be in their campsite or cabin area during all times that camporee participants are required to be in their campsites.

7.   While a 16-17 age category is included in the MIC Staff Application, there are very few staff positions open to 16 and 17 year olds. All program staff must be at least 18 years old except 16-17 years who have special shooting sports or waterfront skills. 16 and 17 year olds are encouraged to be camporee participants.

8.   The April 2020 orientation and site inspection weekend at Rota-Kiwan is required for all staff members from the Michigan Crossroads Council. It is not required for out-of-council and international staff members, but staff members from the U.P. and nearby states and provinces are encouraged to participate.

9.   We welcome staff applications from other countries. International staff members are an important part of an MIC. We do, however, require that each staff member from outside the US be a registered member of a WOSM-affiliated Scout Association and receive approval from their country’s WOSM International Commissioner to serve on our camporee staff. We also require that all international staff members be fluent in English.